Me and the Machine

by Be Cool Cowboy

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Yellow Lamplight Unique mini-album of evocative fuzz-pop songs. I like the interesting textures, and overall crispness. Familiar, but doesn't sound like anything you know. Well worth your time! RIYL: Spoon, Nine Inch Nails, Sebadoh. Favorite song: Time, LA, Crimes Favorite track: Crimes.
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Mike Parish recorded "Me and the Machine" June 2015 @ 424 Recording (

Dan Coutant mastered "Me and the Machine" January 2016 @ Sun Room Audio (

Timbo Lampasona - Artwork

All songs written by Mike Parish except:

"Time" written by Mike Parish and Sean Cunningham

Be Cool Cowboy is Mike Parish, Patrick Fitzgerald, Timbo Lampasona, and Chris Walker


released February 12, 2016

"“Me and the Machine” further expands upon the fuzz rock foundation created by Be Cool Cowboy’s first single, “Little Wiser”, utilizing Linn 9000 drum samples and exploring territory in additional sub-genre rock directions. The opening track, “Time”, co-written by Sean Cunningham of west coast folk rockers, The Wilder Society, is a good introduction to the album which follows, an anthem deriding mall fucked towns of America and the culture they perpetuate, while acknowledging whether you participate in society or not, the world continues moving on. The 8 songs which make up “MatM” are originally from a batch of 18, marking a transitional period of Parish moving away from past post-punk sensibilities of earlier projects and settling into a 90’s indie rock domain. Clocking in in under 15 minutes, “MatM” is more of a mini-album than anything else, but in being such it never overstays its welcome, leaving a want for more, while simultaneously allowing for many prompt repeated listens.

There’s a lot of musical styles presented here by Be Cool Cowboy but all contain the same instrumentation and overarching theme and sound: the anxiety-ridden “Doom Squad” falling somewhere in the territory of early rap-rock a la Beck, to “Crimes”, a blues-based jam confessing the desire to commit crimes with the person you love, referencing the 1991 action thriller, Point Break, (starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze), to set the mood, and ending with “Street Lights”, a Broken Social Scene influenced tune about new and innocent love. Over the course of the album, “MatM” never takes itself too seriously. The title of the album could have meanings ranging from the quite literal, “Parish and the drum machine”, to the more figurative, “person vs. society” style dramatic conflict, with society and all of America’s corporate pitfalls represented by “the machine”. All in all, “MatM” sounds like Parish trying to come to terms with reality, hoping to find a way to coexist or rail against the things we grapple with in our day-to-day lives."



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Be Cool Cowboy New Paltz, New York

These are loud rock songs blaring from a boombox as you drink beer in your friend's garage after work, talking of old loves, bosses and twisted ankles. Slightly evil love songs spill from kicked in amps. Contradictory wordplay careens with reckless abandon through shadowy territory, like a jalopy rolling through the warbled New England wilderness. ... more


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Track Name: Time
This town it sucks
I'm killing all the mall cops
I know it's rough
So I'm moving to Alaska

I wanna love
Something other than myself
You got good looks
Well good for you

Time is moving on without me

The ottoman is
Burning in the front yard
I messed up
I think I went bankrupt

No one ever thinks about it
Track Name: Laced
Turn out the lights
You're home alone
And there's no place you'd rather be

You wanna dream
No parentheses
Simple days and simple nights

Gravity tries and heaven abides
Your only wish is to do nothing
You want a place you can call your own
And forget about the world for a while

Heaven's a place you can get so laced
And forget about the world for a while

Wake up at noon
Listen to Spoon
Hope there's some cereal to eat

You need a car
You need a job
Waiting for the sky to fall
Track Name: Little Wiser
I never knew what that meant till someone told me
Everybody feels alone and so lonely
I don't really care I guess that I'm over it
Ready to face the day with my pants on

Shit talker talking a while
Little wiser

At night I lay and think about my parents
How they're getting older older and older
Wish a vampire would stop by and turn me
Or I'll travel time or make the earth freeze

Oh hey well never mind
Track Name: Doom Squad
Doom squad
Coming to town
Sky's falling and my brain's on overdrive
Ready set
And get into position
You're the gold medal winner
For sitting on the bleachers

You know it'll always work out right
Good thing it was all a party line
You know it'll always work out right
Good thing

But oh you never know
My intention
Track Name: LA
You got a new tattoo
And everybody says it's so you
I've never seen that one before
Hey ho yeah

Everybody here sings the same tune
Those winter whites and blues
We're going out to the west coast man
Well okay LA


You're gonna live in a Spanish house in Silver Lake
And maybe you'll let me come and visit

But I know better and you know me
When I move away I'll move to that desert
You guessed it
Track Name: Meat and Bones
Where you are
And where you wanna be
Always are
Two completely different things

Uh oh
Who knows

You know and you know
You're more than meat and bones

You know

Why do I
Always eat the sun
Especially when
I'm trying to get this done
Track Name: Crimes
Spend all my time
Thinking of crimes
I would like to
Commit with you

Spend all my days
Plotting new ways
To break into
The vault that is your heart

Gonna get my laser guided diamond tip drill bit baby yeah

I could be the Patrick Swayze
To your Keanu
You can pick all of our targets
And kick in all the doors
I could be your getaway driver
I could be your only one
I could let you hold the wheel
As we drive into the sun

As we drive drive drive away yeah
Track Name: Street Lights
Come on over
If you're cold
You can steal one of my sweatshirts
I don't care
You can take it home
It looks better on you

When the street lights come on
You put on your favorite song
And you kiss me

Come on over
If you're alone
You can hang out by my window
You can pet my cat
You can read the news
It looks better on you